January 25, 2019: SWGA annual meeting and luncheon, Northwood Hills GC, 11:30am.

January 19, 2019: SWGA Scramble, Eastridge CC, 9:00am

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Check it out....

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

SWGA/SSWGA Jingle Bell Scramble

With the threat of COLD weather and cloudiness looming for days before the annual Jingle Bell Scramble, I did as usual: waited until the last minute to do pairings. For about 4 days, I had no cancellations or additions. Wow! This is unusual.
On the evening of December 3, the night before the Jingle Bell at Northwood Hills, I held my breath and did the pairings. We had a perfect nine groups of four for the shotgun start.
It was pretty nippy at 8:00am on Tuesday, December the 30's, but the sun was SHINING. When the ladies started arriving at Northwood, everyone was dressed in layers, but their spirits were up in spite of the cold.
Lo and behold, there were two ladies that showed up who weren't on my list. WE HAD INCREASED from 36 to 38! Who would have thunk it! It did require some shuffling and making a new team with just 3 members, but it worked out great and it was a beautiful day.
After play, the group enjoyed a nice taco/salad/enchilada luncheon complete with tons of homemade desserts, thanks to the Northwood Ladies' Association. Great job, NWLGA!
All the ladies of the SWGA and SSWGA had brought gifts for kids and three young men from the Blanchard Fire Department picked them up for distribution to the needy. Thanks to you guys....for your service and your volunteering to distribute the toys.
Thanks to all of you ladies for making that extra effort to show up, even when you were leary.

Friday, September 7, 2018

SSWGA Playday at Bomber Bayou

The last SSWGA stroke play event of the year was held at Bomber Bayou GC on September 6th, with seventeen ladies participating.  Although there was a forecast for afternoon rain, we had a sunny and hot day all day.  It is always a pleasure to play what used to be Fox Run, and this was no exception.  We understand the modifications that are being made at the course and realize they have to go through this transition to get it really good again.  Thanks to the staff for helping get a few of the ladies onto the Base, even with their names on the list.
The best score of the day was a nice 89 by Hui Bordelon (BBLGA) playing in the Senior Flight.  Second best score of the day was Mon Airhart (BWGA) playing in the Super Senior Flight.  Congratulations ladies!
Jan Crowe (BWGA) had the lowest overall Net score of 71 in the Super Senior Flight, and Pat Rice gets honorable mention in that flight with a nice 72.  Linda Colvin (NHGC) had the Low Net score of 73 in the Senior Flight.  Congratulations!
Overall Low Putts was a tie between Joyce Delauder (BWGA), Cathy Buckley (BWGA) and Hui Bordelon, all in the Senior Flight, and all with just 30 putts.  As you know, the greens are going through a big transition, so this is an outstanding feat.  Low putts honors in the Super Senior Flight was 32 by Joanne McDonald (BBLGA). Good stroking, ladies!

Low Gross: Hui Bordelon  89
Low Net: Linda Colvin  73
Low Putts (tie): Joyce Delauder and Cathy Buckley  30

Low Gross: Mon Airhart  90
Low Net: Jan Crowe  71
Low Putts: Joanne McDonald  32

Chip-ins: Hui Bordelon and Audrey Northcutt (BWGA)

Our next SSWGA event is the Turkey Scramble on November 15th at 9:30am at Crooked Hollow GC.  The cost is $37 and includes golf and a really GOOD hamburger.  We also have our annual meeting after golf on this date, so please mark your calendars to participate in this event.  We have a number of agenda items to talk about at the meeting and we need your input.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

SWGA Championship

With the super fast age of internet, you all know by now who our SWGA Champion is as well as many of the other winners, but here it is in one posting in case you need to look back on it.
Congratulations to Champion Mary Lynn Stuart (ERCC), shooting outstanding scores of 74 and 76 (150) on August 23-24 at Bomber Bayou GC.  The 74 score also gave her the Medalist Trophy.  The closest score to Mary Lynn’s was a nice 164 by Debbie Magee (WGAS), giving her First Gross in the First Flight.  Congratulations ladies!  Good Golfing!
The Net Champion honors went to Jane Smith (WGAS) who had a 2-day total of 129, also giving her the Net Medalist award for her net score of 65 on day one.  Congratulations Jane!  And following just three strokes behind Jane was Jan Crowe (BWGA) with a net score of 132.  Good golf!
Overall low putts was a really nice 59 by Gina O’Neal (WGAS).  Now THAT’S some good putting!  Honorable mention goes to Becky Farr (WGAS) with 61 putts.
Championship Chairman Brenda Graves and the staff of Bomber Bayou GC are to be thanked for their hospitality and hard work to make this championship so successful.  Thanks to the thirty-three ladies that supported the SWGA group.
Full results:
Champion/Medalist:  Mary Lynn Stuart 74/76
Net Champion/Net Medalist: Jane Smith 65/64
Overall Low Putts: Gina O’Neal 59
·         1st Gross: Debbie Magee 81/83
·         1st Net: Joyce Middleton (ERCC) 71/64
·         2nd Gross: Lillian Granger (STCC) 85/84
·         2nd Net: Cathy Buckley (BWGA) 73/67
·         1st Gross: Linda Colvin (NHGC) 88/91
·         1st Net: Gayle Gansfuss (NHGC) 67/70
·         2nd Gross: Jan Crowe (BWGA) 91/89
·         2nd Net: Martha Lowhorne (BWGA) 68/71
·         1st Gross: Kyong Lee (BWGA) 101/102
·         1st Net: Renee Schoonover (ERCC) 74//69
·         2nd Gross: Vien Wheeler (STCC) 99/97
·         2nd Net: Grace Ireland (NHGC) 76/74
·         Cathy Buckley
·         Pat Bennett (STCC)
·         Phyllis Ryan (ERCC)

Friday, August 24, 2018

SWGA Playday at Bomber Bayou GC

On August 16, twenty-nine ladies played the SWGA playday event at Bomber Bayou GC.  This event was also the practice round for the following week's SWGA Championship.

Results are as follows:

SWGA Southern Trace Scramble

2019 SWGA playdays

  • If you miss ONE required event, it can be replaced by ONE day of play in Team Matches
  • March 19: Scramble at Eastridge CC, 9:00am
  • April 18: Playday at Huntington Park, 9:00am
  • May 21: Playday at Stonebridge, 9:00am
  • June 11: Playday at Northwood, 9:00am
  • July 16: Playday/Practice Rnd at Southern Trace CC, 9:00am
  • July 24-25: SWGA Championship, Southern Trace CC, 9:00am
  • *August 29: Playday at Bomber Bayou GC, 9:00am
  • Sept 16: Day 1 Team Matches, Huntington Park, 9:00am
  • Sept 26: Day 2 Team Matches, Huntington Park, 9:00am
  • Oct 16-17: Rain date for SWGA Championship
  • *November 12: SWGA Turkey Scramble, Stonebridge, 9:30am
  • *December 3: SWGA/SSWGA Jingle Bell Scramble, Northwood, 10:00am, Bring a Toy

2019 SSWGA Events

  • Dates marked with (*) do not count toward 100% participation
  • March : None
  • April 9: Scramble at Stonebridge, 9:00am
  • May 30: Playday at Huntington Park, 9:00am
  • June : None
  • July 9: Playday at Northwood Hills GC, 9:00am
  • August : None
  • September 24: Playday at Southern Trace, 9:00am
  • October 10: Playday at Bomber Bayou GC, 9:00am
  • Nov 5-6: SSWGA Championship, Eastridge CC, 9:00am
  • *November 21: Turkey Scramble/annual meeting, Crooked Hollow GC, 9:00am, $37 includes lunch.
  • *December 3: Jingle Belle Scramble, Northwood Hills GC, 10:00am, bring unwrapped toy

Other 2019 LOCAL Events

  • May 7-8: Southern Belle, 2-Lady Tourney, Southern Trace CC, Shreveport, LA
  • May 15-16: The Tradition, Ladies Tourney, Stonebridge GC, Benton, LA
  • June 8-9: Stonebridge Couples Tournament, Stonebridge GC, Benton, LA
  • June 22-23: Bonnie and Clyde Couples Tournament, Northwood Hills GC, Blanchard, LA
  • October 23-24: Roadrunner 2-Lady Tournament, Eastridge CC, Shreveport, LA

2019 State/Southern Events

  • May 1-2: LA State Four-Ball Championship, Beaver Creek CC, Zachary, LA
  • June 23-26: LA State Match Play Championship, CC of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Sept 19-20: LA State Senior Championship, Koasati Pines GC, Kinder, LA
  • Nov 5 - 7: Southern Seniors Championship, Craft Farms, Gulf Shores, AL

Other 2018 NON-LOCAL Golfing Events

  • April 12: Lady Calvert Tourney, Calvert Crossing, Calhoun, LA
  • May 30-June 1: Hot Springs Village Couples Tourney, Hot Springs Village, Ark
  • July 18-19: Hot Springs Ladies Invitational, Hot Springs Village, Ark
  • August 6-7: Diamonds in the Rough, 4-lady tournament, Hollytree CC, Tyler, TX
  • September 10-12: Twice as Nice Ladies Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR
  • October 5-6: Texarkana Couples Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR
  • Oct 12-13: Dudes 'n Darlings Couples Tourney, Hollytree CC, Tyler, TX
  • Oct 28-30: LaDiDa 4-Lady Tourney, Crown Colony CC, Lufkin, TX