July 17 & 18: SSWGA Championship, Stonebridge GC

July 24: SWGA Playday, Southern Trace, 9:00am

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tournament Score Posting

Ever wonder why you are supposed to indicate whether or not you are posting a score as a regular score or a "tournament" score? Well, I wondered too. This is the response from our LGA headquarters Handicap people.

"Tournament (T) scores, when they are within a golfer's most recent 20 scores, are used in Handicap Index calculation the same as any other score. However, eligible T-scores are retained for one year to determine if a golfer should receive a Handicap Index reduction (R) based on exceptional tournament performance.

"If a golfer's two lowest T-score differentials are well below his/her Handicap Index, then the Handicap System will reduce the Handicap Index to better represent playing potential. You will occasionally see an R beside a golfer's name, but it is unlikely if all scores are posted in accordance with handicapping guidelines. Section 10-3 of the USGA Handicap System manual explains in more detail."

And now we know......

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 SWGA Championship

What started out as a really wet practice round for our SWGA Championship at Fox Run, culminated with beautiful weather and we were not "cart paths only" as we had feared.  There was a very good turnout of forty-two ladies who participated in the two-day event on July 16-17.
Day One produced Medalist Carmen Leach of Fox Run with her great score of 81.  The Net Medalist was a tie of 71 between Hui Bordelon of Fox Run and Cathy Buckley of Querbes.  The scorecard playoff gave Hui Bordelon the honor and the trophy.

After the scores were tallied on Day Two, Carmen Leach stayed on track and went on to win the Championship with scores of 81 and 90 for a 2-day total of 171.  This is Carmen's first Championship win, and congratulations are surely in order.  Hui Bordelon managed to maintain her net lead and went on to win the Overall Net Champion with her net scores of 71 and 72, for a total of 143.
There was a bit of confusion with winners in the First Flight, so the results that are posted below are the official results.  There was no change in payouts, only honors.  You will notice in the slide presentastion below that there are two sets of leaderboards:  the first set is for Monday and the second set is the final, but with Tuesday's hole-by-hole scores as well as totals.

A very large "THANK YOU" goes out to the manament and the ladies of Fox Run who hosted a great tournament, complete with tee gifts and door prizes, which isn't usually done at the championship.  Everyone left with SOMETHING!

OVERALL CHAMPION:  Carmen Leach (FRLGA) 81/90=171
OVERALL NET CHAMPION: Hui Bordelon (FRLGA) 71/72=143
MEDALIST: Carmen Leach 81
NET MEDALIST: Hui Bordelon  71

1st Low Gross: Lillian Granger (STCC) 92/86=178
1st Low Net: Cathy Buckley (BWGA) 76/71=147=180
2nd Low Gross: Teri McGuire (WGAS) 92/88=180
2nd Low Net: Shirley Pettitt (BWGA) 77/74=151
3rd Low Gross: Kim Darnell (WGAS) 887/96=183
3rd Low Net: Kathy Davis (STCC) 73/81=154

1st Low Gross: Kathleen McCoy (BWGA) 93/92=185
1st Low Net: Marge Snyder (NHGC) 70/79=149
2nd Low Gross: (scorecard playoff) Mary Coker (STCC) 95/92=187
2nd Low Net: Mary Gallagher (FRLGA) 78/73=151
3rd Low Gross: (scorecard playoff) Vicki Cella (NHGC) 93/95=188
3rd Low Net: Robbie Fisher (BWGA) 75/79=154

1st Low Gross: Jeanie Ward (PCC) 91/99=190
1st Low Net: Jeanette Bohringer (BWGA) 68/77=145
2nd Low Gross: Judy Ferguson (STCC) 103/95=198
2nd Low Net: Martha Lawhorne (BWGA) 76/79=155

1st Low Gross: Grace Ireland (PCC) 103/101=204
1st Low Net: Bobbie Almond (PCC) 79/76=155
2nd Low Gross: Susan Berry (NHGC) 104/104=208
2nd Low Net: Pat Rice (BWGA) 81/81=162

Pat Rice
Vicki Cella
Moise Allen (STCC)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

SWGA Playday at Fox Run

Thirty SWGA ladies are to be commended for showing up at Fox Run on July 12, even if it was pouring rain at their own homes.  These ladies "hung in there" through rain showers on and off all day.  The course was drenched and there were "lakes" of casual water across the fairways, but you persisted.  You should be proud of yourselves.  Hopefully, by Monday, when the Championship will begin, the course will have dried up a bunch and there may be some roll instead of splashes!

In spite of the wet conditions, there were some very good scores posted, with Lillian Granger leading the way with her fine 81, followed by three ladies with 84's:  Mary Jo Gray, Carmen Leach, and Kathy Davis (STCC).  Overall low net for the day went to Kathy Davis.  Three ladies had only 29 putts:  Lillian Granger, Jill Litton and Brenda Graves.  Congratulations to all the winners....and that includes all 30 ladies!!!

Sorry I have no pictures from today's event.  With the tee times, it was not conducive for picture-taking, but there will be lots of photos next week during the two-day championship.  See the right column for a list of the playday winners.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SSWGA Playday at Querbes

It started out as an ugly morning, overcast, muggy and REALLY, REALLY dark in the horizon with an occasional rumble of thunder.  Yep.  It was ugly.  What looks blue in this picture was actually a navy color.....

But in spite of it all, thirty determined ladies showed up at Querbes to play on July 9.  Heck, even if it rained, we had lots of good food in the locker room!  But it didn't rain, and in fact, the sun came out making it a bit warm.  For those who were able to find it, wet cloths in icy Florida water were located on three spots on the course.  We really apologize that in some spots, the ice chests were a bit "hidden" from view. 

The greens and fairways were in great shape, while the rough was tough (how poetic!).  It was thick after the rains and heat we've had, but overall, conditions were good and the Querbes staff were very helpful for us.

2018 SWGA playdays

  • If you miss ONE required event, it can be replaced by ONE day of play in Team Matches
  • March 6: Scramble at Eastridge CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 50 PLAYERS
  • April 10: Playday at Stonebridge, 9:00am COMPLETED 43 players
  • May 22: Playday at Northwood, 9:00am COMPLTED 29 PLAYERS
  • June 7: Playday at Huntington Park, 9:00am COMPLETED 28 players
  • July 24: Playday at Southern Trace CC, 9:00am
  • *August 7: Scramble at Southern Trace. This is a chance to make-up one missed event to count towards 100% participation since there willl be no Team Matches this year
  • August 16: Playday at Fox Run GC (also practice round for Championship), 9:00am
  • August 23-24: SWGA Championship, Fox Run GC, 9:00am
  • *November 8: SWGA Turkey Scramble, Querbes Park, 9:30am
  • *December 4: SWGA/SSWGA Jingle Bell Scramble, Northwood, 10:00am, Bring a Toy

2018 SSWGA Events

  • Dates marked with (*) do not count toward 100% participation
  • *March 13: Stonebridge scramble, 9:00am COMPLETED 28 Players
  • April 26: BWGA playday at Huntington, 9:00am COMPLETED 18 players
  • May 1: East Ridge CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 30 players
  • June 19: Southern Trace CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 26 players
  • July 10: Northwood Hills GC, 9:00am COMPLETED 25 players
  • July 17-18: Championship, Stonebridge CC
  • September 6: Fox Run GC, 9:00am
  • *November 15: Turkey Scramble, Crooked Hollow GC, 9:30am, $37 includes lunch. This is also annual meeting unless this is changed.
  • *December 4: Jingle Belle Scramble, Northwood Hills GC, 10:00am, bring unwrapped toy

Other 2018 LOCAL Events

  • October 16-17: Southern Belle, 2-Lady Tourney, Southern Trace CC, Shreveport, LA
  • October 24-25: Roadrunner 2-Lady Tournament, Eastridge CC, Shreveport, LA

2018 State/Southern Events

  • TBA: Womens State Seniors and Mid Am Championship, City Park of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

Other 2018 NON-LOCAL Golfing Events

  • August 8: Diamonds in the Rough, 4-lady tournament, Hollytree CC, Tyler, TX
  • September 11-13: Twice as Nice Ladies Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR
  • September 26-27: Squire Creek 2-Lady Tournament, Squire Creek CC, Choudrant, LA
  • October 6-7: Texarkana Couples Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR