July 17 & 18: SSWGA Championship, Stonebridge GC

July 24: SWGA Playday, Southern Trace, 9:00am

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

SWGA Playday at Shreveport Country Club

Playday and practice round for the 2014 SWGA Championship was played on Wednesday, August 27, at Shreveport Country Club and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day.  With low humidity and a gentle breeze that surprised us about halfway through the round, it was a downright super day to golf.
Twenty-four ladies came out to play and posted some pretty good scores.  The best score of the day was 85....and was pretty popular, as three ladies tied for low gross:  Kathy Davis (STCC), Mary Lynn Stuart (ERCC) and Cathy Buckley (SCC).  Overall low net for the day was Suzanne Patton (SCC) with a nice 68.  Low putts was 29 by Marge Snyder (NHGC).

Next Wednesday and Thursday will be the SWGA Championship at SCC with tee times starting at 8:30am on day one and a 9:00am shotgun on day 2.  If you haven't signed up, there is still time.

Low Gross: (tie) Kathy Davis, Mary Lynn Stuart, Cathy Buckley 85
Low Net: Vicki Cella (SCC) 71
2nd Gross: Mary Coker (SCC) 90
2nd Net: Jimmie Zey (PCC) 80
Low Putts: Kathy Davis 31

Low Gross: Jane Smith (WGAS) 89
Low Net: Suzanne Patton 68
2nd Gross: Joyce Middleton (ERCC) 91
2nd Net: Kyong Lee (SCC) 73
Low Putts: Marge Snyder 29

Low Gross: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) 98
Low Net: Pam Crews (NHGC) 72
2nd Gross: Bobbie Jo Almond (PCC) 105
2nd Net: Stella Rice (ERCC) 80
Low Putts: (tie) Martha Lawhorne, Alyce Wyche (PCC) 33

Friday, August 22, 2014

SWGA Playday at Southern Trace CC

Beautiful Day.  Beautiful course.  Challenging golf.  Lots of fact, there were forty-two ladies competing at the SWGA Playday at Southern Trace Country Club on Thursday, August 21.  Low round of the day was a fabulous 78 by none other than Mary Lynn Stuart of Eastridge.  Good golf, Mary Lynn!  Low Net scores were really close with a tie for 70 between Kathy Davis (STCC) and Vicki Cella (SCC).  And overall low putts was a nice 29 by Becky Hollier (WGAS).
 Ladies started the day with an opportunity to purchase extra chances for a spot on the 4-lady Heart of Hope Golf Classic SWGA Team, donated by the Heart of Hope in an effort to get more ladies involved in the tournament.  Over $200 was collected and will be given to Heart of Hope, a ministry for pregnant girls/women.  Tickets will be sold again at the Playday/practice round at Shreveport Country Club on Wednesday, Aug. 27th and during the Championship on September 3 and 4, with the winners drawn at the Awards luncheon.
1st Low Gross: Mary Lynn Stuart (ERCC) 78
1st Low Net (tie) Kathy Davis (STCC) and Vicki Cella (SCC) 70
2nd Low Gross: Debbie Magee (WGAS) 86
2nd Low Net: (tie) Lillian Granger (STCC) and Moise Allen (STCC) 76
Low Putts: Kathy Davis 30

1st Low Gross: Becky Hollier (WGAS) 88
1st Low Net: Kathryn Salpietra (STCC) 71
2nd Low Gross: Mary Coker (SCC) 92
2nd Low Net: Donna Cobb (SCC) 78
Low Putts: Becky Hollier  29

1st Low Gross: Suzanne Patton (SCC) 93
1st Low Net: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) 72
2nd Low Gross: Marge Snyder (NHGC) 95
2nd Low Net: Kyong Lee (SCC) 75
Low Putts: Kyong Lee 32

1st Low Gross: Julie Butterfield (FRLGA) 103
1st Low Net: Wheeler (STCC) 77
2nd Low Gross: Alyche Wyche (PCC)107
2nd Low Net: Grace Ireland (PCC) 79
Low Putts: Alyche Wyche 32

Chip/Putt-Ins: Becky Hollier, Moise Allen (STCC), Vicki Cella, Mary Lynn Stuart, Debbie Magee, Kyong Lee


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SSWGA Playday at Fox Run

The playday at Fox Run on August 14 produced some really nice scores.  The low scores of the day was a super 78 by Debbie Magee of Stonebridge.  Good playing, girl!


Low gross: Debbie Magee - 78
Low net: Cathy Buckley (SCC) - 69
Low putts: Kim Darnell (WGAS) - 30

Low gross: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) - 90
Low net: Marge Snyder (NHGC) - 72
Low putts: Pat Rice (SCC) - 33

Low gross: Grace Ireland (PCC) - 100
Low net: Barbara Offer (SCC) - 75
Low putts:  Donna Ihle (WGAS) - 29

Chip-ins: Dot Henson (WGAS) and Marge Snyder

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Women's Southern Golf Association Senior Championship

Are you “up” for a golf trip that’s about as close as you can get to the pro circuit?  This is it!

The Women’s Southern Golf Association (WSGA) is hosting its 29th Annual Senior Championship at Riverhill Country Club in Kerrville, Texas, right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, October 6-8.
The WSGA consists of fifteen southern states, and the tournament moves from one area to the other from year-to-year to afford everyone an opportunity to participate.  No matter WHERE the tournament is held, it is very professionally done.  You are even ANNOUNCED at the first tee on the first day.  And there are “spotters” on the course to help find the balls and keep it moving.

To play in this stroke-play championship, you must be fifty years old and have a handicap index of 23.5 or less.  It is flighted and also includes a “Super Senior Champion” if you are seventy or over.

The course is awesome….a Byron Nelson design.  Go online and look at pictures and the scorecard.  Kerrville is west of Austin in a beautiful area of the state and in October, it should be bursting with color.  The trip is less than 7 hours from the heart of Shreveport.

The $250 entry fee includes the three days of golf for the competition and a practice round (excluding cart), dinner party the night before competition, and awards luncheon.  Click here for the entire brochure and entry information.  Be sure to check out the video presentation of the course on that site.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Annual SWGA Championship

The ladies of Shreveport Country Club are proud to invite you to participate in the annual SWGA Championship on September 3 and 4, with practice round and playday on August 27.  The practice round is a 9:00am shotgun and is the usual $25, including cart and range balls.  On Wednesday, Sept. 3, we will have tee times starting at 8:30am so that everyone has the same routine in competition for the medalist and net medalist awards as well as the closest to the pin and most accurate drives. 

Day two of the championship will include a hot breakfast starting at 7:30am in the Grille, with a shotgun start at 9:00am.  The $80 entry fee includes all golf, carts, range balls, fruit and snacks, breakfast and lunch on Day 2.  Please make checks payable to SWGA and mail to Kathleen McCoy, 218 Meadow Creek Dr, Springhill, LA  71075 as soon as you can, but no later than August 27th.  You can bring your checks to the practice round on the 27th if you like.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LWGA State 4-Ball

On August 3rd, eighty-four ladies converged on Koasati Pines Golf Resort at Kinder, LA, to compete in the LWGA State 4-Ball Championship.  The forty-two teams were divided into four flights and golfed for two days (August 4-5) in blazing hot weather.  The course was as beautiful as ever, with just enough challenges to make it tough-fun.
When the scores were tallied, the overall 4-Ball Champions were Lana Hodge and Haley Harrington with gross scores of 66 on Day 1 and 69 on Day 2.  Congratulations ladies!

The Shreveport area had six teams in the competition: Magee/Darnell, Cella/Patton, Middleton/Rolland, Gaiennie/Ryan, Pettitt/McCoy, and Cobb/Lawhorne.  Let me say that EVERYONE was a winner in the over-the-top humidity with little or no breeze!  But we did have two winning teams.

Joyce Middleton and Debbie Rolland (both ERCC) won 2nd Gross in the Third Flight with scores of 84 and 88.  In the same flight, Shirley Pettitt and Kathleen McCoy (both of SCC) won 1st Low Net with net scores of 71 and 66.  In addition, McCoy won closest to the pin on hole #3 at 21’ 8” from the hole, beating out Donna Cobb by less than two feet….and she made the birdie putt!!!!  Hoorah!

For an easily readable leaderboard, click here, for scores on the LWGA website.

It was announced at the awards luncheon that next year’s 4-Ball will once again be played at Koasati Pines on July 27 and 28, 2015.  For all the ladies state events for next year, Click Here to go to the LWGA website.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Callaway Gift Cards

A couple years ago we had a tournament where the prizes were Callaway Gift Cards.  If you tried to use the card, you found that you couldn't purchase apparel on that site.  I've just learned that Callaway got so many complaints, they changed the site to include apparel.....still no shoes, but clothing for men and women.

I went to the site and actually used my card to make a purchase.....just to be sure it really worked......and it did.  You have to use your Callaway gift card number to get into the site, click on the "Apparel" tab at the top, and then click on the "Visit Apparel Site" tab at bottom right.  Then when you check out, you will have to input your gift card number again.  But it works. 

Just go to the website shown on the back of your card to access the site.  If it doesn't ask for your card number, you aren't at the right site.

Incidently, there are a number of clothing items in the Sale area of the site that are pretty nice bargains.

2018 SWGA playdays

  • If you miss ONE required event, it can be replaced by ONE day of play in Team Matches
  • March 6: Scramble at Eastridge CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 50 PLAYERS
  • April 10: Playday at Stonebridge, 9:00am COMPLETED 43 players
  • May 22: Playday at Northwood, 9:00am COMPLTED 29 PLAYERS
  • June 7: Playday at Huntington Park, 9:00am COMPLETED 28 players
  • July 24: Playday at Southern Trace CC, 9:00am
  • *August 7: Scramble at Southern Trace. This is a chance to make-up one missed event to count towards 100% participation since there willl be no Team Matches this year
  • August 16: Playday at Fox Run GC (also practice round for Championship), 9:00am
  • August 23-24: SWGA Championship, Fox Run GC, 9:00am
  • *November 8: SWGA Turkey Scramble, Querbes Park, 9:30am
  • *December 4: SWGA/SSWGA Jingle Bell Scramble, Northwood, 10:00am, Bring a Toy

2018 SSWGA Events

  • Dates marked with (*) do not count toward 100% participation
  • *March 13: Stonebridge scramble, 9:00am COMPLETED 28 Players
  • April 26: BWGA playday at Huntington, 9:00am COMPLETED 18 players
  • May 1: East Ridge CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 30 players
  • June 19: Southern Trace CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 26 players
  • July 10: Northwood Hills GC, 9:00am COMPLETED 25 players
  • July 17-18: Championship, Stonebridge CC
  • September 6: Fox Run GC, 9:00am
  • *November 15: Turkey Scramble, Crooked Hollow GC, 9:30am, $37 includes lunch. This is also annual meeting unless this is changed.
  • *December 4: Jingle Belle Scramble, Northwood Hills GC, 10:00am, bring unwrapped toy

Other 2018 LOCAL Events

  • October 16-17: Southern Belle, 2-Lady Tourney, Southern Trace CC, Shreveport, LA
  • October 24-25: Roadrunner 2-Lady Tournament, Eastridge CC, Shreveport, LA

2018 State/Southern Events

  • TBA: Womens State Seniors and Mid Am Championship, City Park of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

Other 2018 NON-LOCAL Golfing Events

  • August 8: Diamonds in the Rough, 4-lady tournament, Hollytree CC, Tyler, TX
  • September 11-13: Twice as Nice Ladies Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR
  • September 26-27: Squire Creek 2-Lady Tournament, Squire Creek CC, Choudrant, LA
  • October 6-7: Texarkana Couples Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR