April 10: SWGA, Stonebridge GC, stroke play, 9:00am

April 26: SSWGA, Huntington Park, stroke play, 9:00am

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Check it out....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fox Run Playday

Please note that the Fox Run playday that had to be cancelled due to storm damage has been rescheduled to October 22nd. Mark your calendar!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Red Hot Chili Pepper Tournament

The Natchitoches Country Club hosted the Red Hot Chili Pepper Tournament on Monday, June 22nd. The two-lady, 27 hole tournament consisted of 9 holes of best ball (which was the flighting round), followed by a brunch, then 9 holes of alternate shot and 9 holes of scramble, followed by an awards luncheon.

The SWGA was well represented with eight ladies participating. There were three winning teams: Mary Jo Gray and Debbie Magee, Phyllis Ryan and Joyce Middleton, and Shirley Pettitt and Martha Lawhorne.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Really COOL Tip

During the State Amateur Championship, one of my matches was against Pam Washington, a really nice lady from down in the New Orleans area. During our round, Pam shared a "cool" tip that I want to pass on to you.I know that many of you have not heard of "Florida water", because when I mention it to most ladies, they are puzzled. I'm not sure exactly what it is either, except that it makes cold water even colder. In the past, I've always added Florida Water to my little ice chest with a little water. During the round, I soak a cloth in the water and wipe my face, neck and arms to get instantly "energized" by being SOOOO cooled off. By the time I dunk the cloth in the water a few times, it gets pretty raunchy-looking and you sure wouldn't want to share any of this wonderful stuff with anyone else.

Pam came up with a great solution. Here's how I did mine, based on her idea. Here's what you need to purchase: unscented Huggies wipes (I bought the heavy duty ones); Ziploc sandwich bags; and Florida water, which can be purchased at most drug stores and probably at many sporting goods stores under various brand names.
I mixed one cup of water with a teaspoon of Florida water. Place one wipe in a sandwich bag and pour in about 1/8 cup of the water mixture. Seal the bag, getting the excess air out of it. This mixture did nine bags. Place the bags in the freezer. When you leave for the golf course, place the bags in your ice chest.

As you need to cool off, remove one bag and use the disposable wipe to wipe your face and neck. Ahhhh. How refreshing! And now you can share your "coolness" with your cart buddy. Thanks, Pam.

Friday, June 19, 2009

State Amateur Championship

What fun! It was great! Hot....but great.

There were only eight of us local SWGA ladies in the tournament this year, but we did a good job of representing our club. Pictured are Phyllis Ryan, Mary Jo Gray, Kathleen McCoy, Debbie Jordan McGee, Nancy Young, Donna Cobb, Joyce Middleton, and Martha Lawhorne.

As luck would have it, Joyce, Donna, Debbie and me were in the same flight, so we knew it would get interesting. Sure enough, Donna was matched against Debbie on the first day; Debbie was matched against Joyce on the second day; and I was matched against Joyce on the third day. Joyce and I played each other for first place in our flight's Winner's bracket. We were tied after 9, tied after 18, and on the nineteenth hole, she won, giving me second place. Donna won our flight's Consolation bracket. Phyllis Ryan won her flight's Winner's bracket. If you've never participated in one of these State Tournaments, you've missed a great experience. Put it on your calendar for next year. It's always in June. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Sale Items

While golfing today, my friend and I were discussing our many "extra" clubs and who may be interested in this one or that one. Then it came to me: I bet all of us have clubs that we no longer use and would like to sell, while others of us are always looking for different clubs to try.

So I thought, why not have a For Sale column in this News Site. You just let me know what you have and give me a contact email or phone number. If someone is interested in your stuff, they can contact you direct for a price, or I can post a price with the posting.

So go through your stuff and see what you might want to get rid of. Be sure to give me a complete description, including the condition of the item. You can even provide a picture if you would like. I'll be adding stuff myself, making room for more clubs in my bag.....just what I need! Kathleen

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Southern Trace Playday

Fifty-two ladies braved the hot weather and high humidity to play today at Southern Trace, which was in impecable condition.

Jerry Hobson (FRLGA), Paulette Lee (WGAS) and Sherry Barnes (ERCC) putt out on a really beautiful green at Southern Trace.

State Amateur Championship

Wow, I'm looking forward to the State Championship that starts this weekend (June 14th). As usual, it'll be hot, but it's worth the "torture". It's always an exciting time to arrive and find out who your first opponent will be....sometimes one of your very best friends.

Last year it was amazingly hot, or maybe it was because I was sick. I had shingles in my throat. This year is better: I only have two spider bites on my feet. I'm wondering if this is a "sign". In May next year, I'll not only be anticipating the tournament, but I'll be wondering what dramatic "ailment" I'll have in the weeks just prior to championship tee-off.

I'll be out-of-pocket from June 13 thru 18, but as soon as I return, I'll have results and pictures to share with you. For all our SWGA members who are participating, please check with me if you get a chance so we can be sure to get a group picture for this site.

Sure hope that if you aren't going this year, you'll start thinking about next year already. In the meantime, good golfing!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cadillac Invitational

According to Mary Coker, here's the latest on the tournament. She still needs helpers for the June 29th tournament. The coupon for the free round of golf is good Tuesday thru Friday and on Saturday after 1:00pm. Golf carts will be provided for all scorers!!!!!! In addition......lunch, awards cocktail, beverages on the course and a golf cap will be provided for all scorers. Couples who work the tournament can play their free round together or groups of ladies can do the same thing. Call Mary if you would like to volunteer.

2018 SWGA playdays

  • If you miss ONE required event, it can be replaced by ONE day of play in Team Matches
  • March 6: Scramble at Eastridge CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 50 PLAYERS
  • April 10: Playday at Stonebridge, 9:00am
  • May 22: Playday at Northwood, 9:00am
  • June 7: Playday at Huntington Park, 9:00am
  • June 21: Rain date for Huntington
  • July 24: Playday at Southern Trace CC, 9:00am
  • *August 7: Scramble at Southern Trace. This is a chance to make-up one missed event to count towards 100% participation since there willl be no Team Matches this year
  • August 16: Playday at Fox Run GC (also practice round for Championship), 9:00am
  • August 23-24: SWGA Championship, Fox Run GC, 9:00am
  • *November 8: SWGA Turkey Scramble, Querbes Park, 9:30am
  • *December 4: SWGA/SSWGA Jingle Bell Scramble, Northwood, 10:00am, Bring a Toy

2018 SSWGA Events

  • Dates marked with (*) do not count toward 100% participation
  • *March 13: Stonebridge scramble, 9:00am COMPLETED 28 Players
  • April 26: BWGA playday at Huntington, 9:00am
  • May 1: East Ridge CC, 9:00am
  • June 19: Southern Trace CC, 9:00am
  • July 10: Northwood Hills GC, 9:00am
  • July 17-18: Championship, Stonebridge CC
  • September 6: Fox Run GC, 9:00am
  • *November 15: Turkey Scramble, Crooked Hollow GC, 9:30am, $37 includes lunch. This is also annual meeting unless this is changed.
  • *December 4: Jingle Belle Scramble, Northwood Hills GC, 10:00am, bring unwrapped toy

Other 2018 LOCAL Events

  • May 15-17: (NEW) "The Tradition" 2-Lady Tourney, Golf Club at Stonebridge, Benton, LA
  • June 8-10: Stonebridge Couples Tournament, Golf Club at Stonebridge, Benton, LA
  • June 22-24: Bonnie & Clyde Couples Tournament, Northwood Hills GC, Blanchard, LA
  • September 18-19: Southern Belle, 2-Lady Tourney, Southern Trace CC, Shreveport, LA
  • October 24-25: Roadrunner 2-Lady Tournament, Eastridge CC, Shreveport, LA

2018 State/Southern Events

  • TBA: Womens State Seniors and Mid Am Championship, City Park of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
  • April 30-May 1: Womens State 4-Ball Championship, Koasati Pines GC, Kinder, LA
  • June 25-28: Womens State Match Play Championship, Southern Trace CC, Shreveport, LA

Other 2018 NON-LOCAL Golfing Events

  • May 31-June 2: Hot Springs Couples Tournament, Hot Springs Village, AR
  • June 2: Queen for a Day, 2-Lady Scramble, Tallulah CC, Tallulah, LA
  • June 16: Matthew Elliott Memorial Scramble, Frenchman's Bend GC, Monroe, LA 1:30pm
  • August 8: Diamonds in the Rough, 4-lady tournament, Hollytree CC, Tyler, TX
  • September 11-13: Twice as Nice Ladies Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR
  • September 26-27: Squire Creek 2-Lady Tournament, Squire Creek CC, Choudrant, LA
  • October 6-7: Texarkana Couples Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR