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July 24: SWGA Playday, Southern Trace, 9:00am

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jingle Bell Scramble

Bitter sweet.  The last event of the season.  But it was a great one!

The Jingle Bell Scramble is a joint effort of the Shreveport Women's Golf Assn. and the Shreveport Senior Women's Golf Assn. and is always the final event of the year.  It was even greater since we were able to celebrate with Northwood on having their course re-activated and ALIVE!  The weather was nice and the crowd was great:  thirty-nine ladies participated in the 4-person scramble.

The scores were close, ranging from 70 to 76.  Three teams scored a 74, causing a scorecard playoff for third and fourth places.  Four more teams had a 75.  The first place team was Team Lawhorne/Wyche/Zey/Middleton.  Congratulations ladies! 
Buckley/Utley/McDonald/Roach - 73

Tinsley/Litton/Ireland/Sabo - 74

Fisher/Patton/Snyder/Berry - 74

Most Accurate Drive: Mary Moore
CTP #6: Gloria Utley
CTP #12 & #16: Kathleen McCoy

This was a Toys for Tots event and the Marines came by after play and collected all the gifts contributed by the ladies.
The next SWGA event is the Annual Business Meeting and Luncheon which will be held at Southern Trace CC on January 16 at 11:30am.  Make plans to attend.  It's a great time for socializing and preparing for the coming season.

Friday, November 21, 2014

SSWGA Turkey Shoot

The final SSWGA event of the year was hosted by BWGA at Shreveport Country Club on November 19th.  Due to extremely low temperatures the night before, we were delayed in teeing off due to frost on the greens; therefore the Turkey Scramble became a 9-hole Turkey Scramble with 24 ladies participating.  It ended up being a beautiful day, concluding with the SSWGA Annual Meeting/Luncheon and presentation of the day’s awards as well as the end-of-year awards.

There were two ladies who had 100% participation in all seven of the SSWGA events for the year:  Grace Ireland (PCC) and Mary Coker (SCC).   There were an additional ten ladies who had at least 80% participation.
Low gross for the year was Debbie Magee (WGAS) with an 84.8 average.  Grace Ireland took Low Net average with 71.6, and Marge Snyder (NHGC) had the average low putts with 32.5.
And the Most Improved golfer was Pat Rice (SCC) with an amazing improvement from an index of 30.1 to 23.7.  That didn’t just “happen”.  Good work, Pat!

New Officers were elected at this meeting with Susan Berry (NHGC) continuing as President in 2015.  Other officers will be listed in the right column of this blog.

Now for the Turkey Scramble winners:
Cathy Buckley/Kyong Lee/Barbara McQuiller – 35

Debbie Magee/Martha Lawhorne/Donna Ihle/Jean Brown – 36

Vicki Cella/Marge Snyder/Tommye Engelcke/Janet Sabo – 37

Nina Glorioso/Kathleen McCoy/Jeanette Bohringer/Barbara Offer – 37

There was one chip-in by Debbie Magee.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

SWGA Turkey Scramble

Lots of ladies originally signed up to play the SWGA Turkey Scramble at Palmetto CC since it was the last SWGA event that would ever be played there. However, the weather raised it’s ugly head and after all the cancellations, twenty-five brave ladies participated in the abbreviated 9-hole event on November 13.
Ladies were barely recognizable under the layers of clothing and hiding behind golf cart covers, but the spirits were high when everyone came in to enjoy a hot lunch after playing just nine holes of the scramble. The scores were close in spite of the high winds and cold temperatures. There was just a 3-stroke difference between first and fifth places with two scorecard playoffs.



Zey/Alexander/K. Lee/Engelcke


Closest to the Pin: Grace Ireland

Longest Drive: Cathy Buckley

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Palmetto Ladies group and staff for all the years of wonderful events. You will be sorely missed!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Life Lesson

I thought this was a very "enlightening" video and worth the 3 minutes.....

Friday, October 24, 2014

2014 Road Runner Tournament

 Another FABULOUS Road Runner!!  It must have been a “sign” when the sunrise exploded directly behind the clubhouse on the day of the tournament with chilly temps that turned into some “hot” golf scores for the eighty ladies that filled the field at this year’s tournament.  There gifts galore with everyone receiving a golf cart cover, golf club bottle opener, golf towel and balls, a beautiful ball marker necklace, and lots of good food and fun.  (And I'm probably forgetting some of the goodies.)

The practice round on Wednesday allowed everyone to get the “feel” of the course on one of the nicest golfing days of the year, followed by a welcome party, complete with good food and drinks.

Day two presented a surprise cold snap that sent players scrambling for warmer clothes, but it didn’t damper the spirits and the sweaters starting coming off after about fourteen holes. 
When it was all over and the scores were tallied, the low score of the day for the Overall Gross winners was a 70….and a tie…..between team Rolland/Middleton and team Pettitt/Cobb.  Debbie Rolland and Joyce Middleton, both of Eastridge, took the honors, while Shirley Pettitt and Donna Cobb, of Shreveport CC, got the Low Gross spot in the First Flight.

The Overall Low Net score of the tournament was a 61, coming out of the Fourth Flight, with Judy Pratt and Theowne Gibbons, of Southern Trace, winning that title.

Prizes this year were special Road Runner “dollars” that were spent with the numerous vendors on hand at the Road Runner Mall with gifts ranging from d├ęcor items to jewelry to pajamas.  It was a female’s dream.

As usual, the course was in wonderful condition and the personnel were great hosts.  We all want to thank Evelyn Foret and her committee for an outstanding tournament.  And a special thanks to Kevin for helping us get those shots over the ditch on Hole #10.  He actually holed shots for four lucky teams for an eagle.

The slideshow presentation pretty much tells the story of the tournament, so take a look at all the happenings.

Friday, October 17, 2014

SSWGA Championship and Practice Round

After some really doubtful weather forecasts, the 2014 SSWGA Championship turned into one of the best two days of golf all season with wonderful sunny and cool temps.  And in spite of tons of rain, Shreveport Country Club was in great shape and we were able to DRIVE our carts on the course.

Unfortunately, there were only eighteen ladies who took advantage of the beautiful conditions, but when the scores were computed, Debbie Magee brought her practice round scores to the course for the Championship and won both the Day One Medalist and the Championship with scores of 86 and 84.  This win came on the back of Debbie’s win at her own Club Championship a few days earlier at Stonebridge.  When you’re HOT….you’re HOT!  Congratulations Debbie!
Chasing Debbie after day one with just a one-stroke deficit was Donna Cobb (SCC) who ended up winning 1st Gross in the Championship Flight, Overall Low putts with only 57, and also had the lowest net score of the tournament with a 142.  Good golfing, Donna!
Low Gross:  Donna Cobb 178
Low Net: Cathy Buckley (SCC) 154
2nd Gross: Vicki Cella (SCC) 189
2nd Net: Mary Coker (SCC) 157
Low Gross: Jimmie Zey (PCC) 191
Low Net: Kyong Lee (SCC) 150
2nd Gross: Gayle Gansfuss (ERCC) 194
2nd Net: Marge Snyder (NHGC) 155


Low Gross: Tommye Englecke (SCC) 203
Low Net: Grace Ireland (PCC) 154
2nd Gross: Alyce Wyche (PCC) 220
2nd Net: Barbara Offer (SCC) 168

Most Accurate Drive: Susan Berry (NHGC)
Closest to the Pin: Tommye Engelcke and Mary Coker

The SSWGA Playday/Practice round for the Championship was held at Shreveport Country Club on October 8th, with nineteen ladies participating.  The weather and the course were great for the occasion.  It’s just sad that there were so few who took advantage of the great day of golf.

Low Gross:  Debbie Magee (WGAS) 89
Low Net: Nina Glorioso (SCC) 74
Low Putts:  Marge Snyder (NHGC) 32

Low Gross: Jeanette Bohringer (SCC) 102
Low Net (tie): Grace Ireland (PCC) and Barbara McQuiller (SCC) 74
Low Putts: Alyce Wyche (PCC) 31

Chip/Putt-ins:  Vicki Cella (SCC), Grace Ireland, Kathleen McCoy (SCC), Gayle Gansfuss (ERCC)

Delta Downs Lady Luck Charity Tournament

Delta Downs Lady Luck Charity Tournament was held at Rayburn Country Golf Club near Jasper, TX on October 11-13.  This 2-lady tournament was scheduled to be a best-ball on day one and a scramble on day two.  However, the weather did not cooperate and the tournament was changed to a scramble on day one, hoping to speed up play and get the round completed in spite of the large chance of rain.  After two days, we were able to complete one round of golf, in and out of the raindrops and lightening.

It sounds rather depressing, but the tournament was a very good tournament with lots of big door prizes, great award prizes, and food supplied for almost every meal while there.  One night included a guitarist/singer on the back patio to entertain us all as well as a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament.

There were raffle opportunities for lots of free golf and goodies all over a 200-mile radius.  And the purpose of the tournament was to raise money for charity, which it did.  The Humane Society, the Jasper Fire Department, and CASA received a total of about $10,000 in donations which were raised with the help of the main sponsor….Delta Downs at Vinton, LA.
We had two teams that made the short trip to Rayburn Country and both teams came back as winners.  Vicki Cella and Kathleen McCoy won 2nd Low Net in the First Flight while Donna Cobb and Martha Lawhorne won 1st Gross in the Second Flight.  We highly recommend this tournament as there is lots of “bang for your buck” with this entry fee and the on-site lodging is super-reasonable.

Friday, September 26, 2014

SSWGA Playday at Crooked Hollow

The Northwood ladies hosted its SSWGA playday at Crooked Hollow on Thursday, September 25th, with twenty-two ladies participating on a BEAUTIFUL day.  John Graham and his staff always go "all out" to treat us ladies "special" and we do appreciate them.
There were some really GREAT scores and some really ugly scores, but we won't talk about the ugly ones.  Instead, we want to congratulate Donna Cobb (SCC) on her all-time low score of 78!!  Great playing Donna!  And Donna tied with Cheryl Smith (WGAS) for Low Putts of the day with 29 putts.  And Miss Grace Ireland shot herself the low net of the day with a really nice 66!

Second best score of the day was an 83 by Teri McGuire, who hasn't played much in quite some time.  Great comeback Teri! 

Check out these scores:

Low Gross: Donna Cobb (SCC) 78
Low Net: Mary Coker (SCC) 68
Low Putts: Debbie Magee (WGAS) 31

Low Gross: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) 89
Low Net: Jill Litton (NHGC) 69
Low Putts: Cheryl Smith (WGAS) 29

Low Gross: Tommye Engelcke (SCC) 93
Low Net: Grace Ireland (PCC) 66
Low Putts: Susan Berry (NHGC) 32

Chip/Putt-ins: Donna Cobb, Martha Lawhorne, Pat Rice (SCC), Jill Litton

SSWGA Playday at Southern Trace

When the SSWGA Playday at Southern Trace was rained out on July 16, the players who had originally signed up were allowed to "make up" the round at their own leisure any time before Labor Day, thanks to the management at Southern Trace.  We appreciate that gesture.

The winners were:

Low Gross:  Debbie Magee (WGAS) - 84
Low Net: Joyce Middleston (ERCC) - 70
Low Putts: Kim Darnell (WGAS) - 31

Low Gross: Gayle Gansfuss (ERCC) - 91
Low Net: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) - 67
Low Putts: Marge Snyder (NHGC) - 30

Monday, September 22, 2014

Heart of Hope Classic Tournament

The Heart of Hope Classic Tournament was Monday, September 22, at Southern Trace Country Club.  The HOH generously donated one team spot to the Shreveport Women’s Golf Association in an effort to get more ladies involved in its efforts with the home for girls who have to deal with a decision of whether or not to keep their baby or place it for adoption.

The SWGA went through a process of using "tickets" for ladies who had participated in SWGA events all through the year AND sold tickets for extra chances to win a spot on the team.  When the tickets were drawn at the SWGA Championship, the final team consisted of Kathy Davis (STCC), Shirley Pettitt (SCC), Kathleen McCoy (SCC), and Martha Lawhorne (SCC).

Playing in the morning round of the tournament, these ladies shot a 61 in the scramble format and tied for first place in their flight, losing the scorecard playoff to get second place.

But everyone was a winner at this tournament, going home with bags of really nice “goodies” and a tummy full of really good food that was supplied all along the course route.

This is truly a great tournament for a great cause and we thank the Heart of Hope group for introducing our group to this charity.  The home is located in Keithville and can house up to eight girls who don’t just “live” there…..they learn and earn skills that will be helpful in their mothering experience.  If you have baby clothes, maternity clothes, or other baby-oriented items that you would like to donate, the Heart of Hope would be most appreciative.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Twice as Nice Tournament

Texarkana Country Club was the site of the Annual Twice as Nice 2-lady tournament on September 10 & 11.  This is one of those tournaments that you get so much “bang for your buck” that you just MUST go again next year….and take another couple!  It includes a welcome party with food, full breakfast and lunches both days, and lots of door prizes.
Day One is a best ball with full handicap and Day Two is a scramble.  Between those two days, after play on the first day, there is an optional “shootout” which is tons of fun.  The Shreveport area ladies took two of the shootout winning spots:  Debbie Magee and Kim Darnell won second place in the First Flight and Shirley Pettitt and Dot Barron won second place in the Second Flight.  Great “shooting” girls!

The weather and the course were absolutely beautiful for the seventy-eight participants.  With a large chance of rain on the second day, we managed to escape with just a few light and short showers.
Our Shreveport area ladies accounted for seven teams in the competition, and of those seven, four teams placed.  In the first flight, Kitty Smith and Kathryn Snell won 2nd Low Gross with scores of  90/72.  In the second flight, Beverly Knapp and Kathleen McCoy won Low Gross with their 84/74 scores, followed by 2nd Low Gross Winners Vicki Cella and Suzanne Patton with 90/75.  Third flight, Low Gross winners were Marge Snyder and Jill Litton with scores of 90/84. 

In addition to the flight winners, Vicki Cella also won the Longest Drive honors over 38 other ladies in the 2nd and 3rd flights.  Congrats, Miss Long Hitter!
Low two-day gross score for the tournament was a nice 147 shot by Pat Park and Darlene Collins.  Congratulations, ladies!

Friday, September 5, 2014

2014 SWGA Championship

Shreveport Country Club hosted the annual Shreveport Women’s Golf Association Championship on September 3 and 4.  The small number of participants did not discourage the twenty-two ladies that did play.
The first day was marvelous weather after much rain the day before, causing the ladies to use the “lift, clean, and replace” rule, with everyone teeing off with tee times on the first hole.  When the day was done, a score of 81 won the Medalist trophy by KATHY DAVIS of Southern Trace.  The Low Net Medalist was CATHY BUCKLEY of Shreveport CC with a net score of 70.
The second day was a scorcher and everyone teed off at 9:00am.  About five hours later, a not-so-new Champion was crowned:  MARY LYNN STUART of Eastridge CC, won for the second year in a row with scores of 84 and 80, beating the closest competitor, VICKI CELLA, by five strokes.  But Vicki, of Shreveport CC, claimed the Net Champion trophy with her net scores of 71 and 68.  Overall low putts for the two days went to Donna Cobb (SCC) with just 61 putts, inching out Vicki Cella who had 62.

A highlight of the championship this year was the involvement of the Heart of Hope Ministry who donated a 4-person team spot at their HOH Classic on September 22.  The objective was to get more women involved in the tournament.  To make it fair, interesting, and helpful to HOH, every person who has played in an SWGA event for the entire year had their name placed on a ticket for each event.  In addition, they could buy extra chances, with that money going directly to Heart of Hope.  This venture gave us a donation of over $300 to our SWGA Team benefactor.

Caryn Jenkins of the HOH, drew the lucky tickets.  The rule was that if your name was drawn, you had to play yourself or give up the spot.  Therefore, several backup tickets were also drawn.  The four winners were drawn:  Grace Ireland, Kathy Davis, Shirley Pettitt, and Martha Lawhorne.  The alternates were, in this order: Kathleen McCoy, Jane Smith, Cathy Buckley.  Grace declined to play, so the first alternate made the team.  In addition to this donated team, another ladies team of SWGA members signed up, giving us a great showing at the tournament.

Low Gross:  Kathy Davis 170
Low Net: Shirley Pettitt (SCC) 146
2nd Gross:  Lillian Granger (STCC) 171
2nd Net: (tie) Debbie Magee (WGAS)/Carmen Leach (FRLGA) 159
Closest to the Pin: Vicki Cella
Most Accurate Drive: Carmen Leach

Low Gross: Cathy Buckley 184
Low Net: Donna Cobb 148
2nd Gross: Mary Coker (SCC) 194
2nd Net: Phyllis Ryan (ERCC) 154
Closest to the Pin: Cathy Buckley
Most Accurate Drive: Jimmie Zey (PCC)

Low Gross: Kyong Lee (SCC) 198
Low Net: Bobbie Jo Almond (PCC) 144
2nd Gross: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) 205
2nd Net: Tommye Engelcke (SCC) 153
Closest to the Pin: Martha Lawhorne
Most Accurate Drive: Martha Lawhorne
We want to extend our thanks to General Manager John Schurman and his entire staff for all the help and preparation for the tournament

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SWGA Playday at Shreveport Country Club

Playday and practice round for the 2014 SWGA Championship was played on Wednesday, August 27, at Shreveport Country Club and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day.  With low humidity and a gentle breeze that surprised us about halfway through the round, it was a downright super day to golf.
Twenty-four ladies came out to play and posted some pretty good scores.  The best score of the day was 85....and was pretty popular, as three ladies tied for low gross:  Kathy Davis (STCC), Mary Lynn Stuart (ERCC) and Cathy Buckley (SCC).  Overall low net for the day was Suzanne Patton (SCC) with a nice 68.  Low putts was 29 by Marge Snyder (NHGC).

Next Wednesday and Thursday will be the SWGA Championship at SCC with tee times starting at 8:30am on day one and a 9:00am shotgun on day 2.  If you haven't signed up, there is still time.

Low Gross: (tie) Kathy Davis, Mary Lynn Stuart, Cathy Buckley 85
Low Net: Vicki Cella (SCC) 71
2nd Gross: Mary Coker (SCC) 90
2nd Net: Jimmie Zey (PCC) 80
Low Putts: Kathy Davis 31

Low Gross: Jane Smith (WGAS) 89
Low Net: Suzanne Patton 68
2nd Gross: Joyce Middleton (ERCC) 91
2nd Net: Kyong Lee (SCC) 73
Low Putts: Marge Snyder 29

Low Gross: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) 98
Low Net: Pam Crews (NHGC) 72
2nd Gross: Bobbie Jo Almond (PCC) 105
2nd Net: Stella Rice (ERCC) 80
Low Putts: (tie) Martha Lawhorne, Alyce Wyche (PCC) 33

Friday, August 22, 2014

SWGA Playday at Southern Trace CC

Beautiful Day.  Beautiful course.  Challenging golf.  Lots of fact, there were forty-two ladies competing at the SWGA Playday at Southern Trace Country Club on Thursday, August 21.  Low round of the day was a fabulous 78 by none other than Mary Lynn Stuart of Eastridge.  Good golf, Mary Lynn!  Low Net scores were really close with a tie for 70 between Kathy Davis (STCC) and Vicki Cella (SCC).  And overall low putts was a nice 29 by Becky Hollier (WGAS).
 Ladies started the day with an opportunity to purchase extra chances for a spot on the 4-lady Heart of Hope Golf Classic SWGA Team, donated by the Heart of Hope in an effort to get more ladies involved in the tournament.  Over $200 was collected and will be given to Heart of Hope, a ministry for pregnant girls/women.  Tickets will be sold again at the Playday/practice round at Shreveport Country Club on Wednesday, Aug. 27th and during the Championship on September 3 and 4, with the winners drawn at the Awards luncheon.
1st Low Gross: Mary Lynn Stuart (ERCC) 78
1st Low Net (tie) Kathy Davis (STCC) and Vicki Cella (SCC) 70
2nd Low Gross: Debbie Magee (WGAS) 86
2nd Low Net: (tie) Lillian Granger (STCC) and Moise Allen (STCC) 76
Low Putts: Kathy Davis 30

1st Low Gross: Becky Hollier (WGAS) 88
1st Low Net: Kathryn Salpietra (STCC) 71
2nd Low Gross: Mary Coker (SCC) 92
2nd Low Net: Donna Cobb (SCC) 78
Low Putts: Becky Hollier  29

1st Low Gross: Suzanne Patton (SCC) 93
1st Low Net: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) 72
2nd Low Gross: Marge Snyder (NHGC) 95
2nd Low Net: Kyong Lee (SCC) 75
Low Putts: Kyong Lee 32

1st Low Gross: Julie Butterfield (FRLGA) 103
1st Low Net: Wheeler (STCC) 77
2nd Low Gross: Alyche Wyche (PCC)107
2nd Low Net: Grace Ireland (PCC) 79
Low Putts: Alyche Wyche 32

Chip/Putt-Ins: Becky Hollier, Moise Allen (STCC), Vicki Cella, Mary Lynn Stuart, Debbie Magee, Kyong Lee


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SSWGA Playday at Fox Run

The playday at Fox Run on August 14 produced some really nice scores.  The low scores of the day was a super 78 by Debbie Magee of Stonebridge.  Good playing, girl!


Low gross: Debbie Magee - 78
Low net: Cathy Buckley (SCC) - 69
Low putts: Kim Darnell (WGAS) - 30

Low gross: Martha Lawhorne (SCC) - 90
Low net: Marge Snyder (NHGC) - 72
Low putts: Pat Rice (SCC) - 33

Low gross: Grace Ireland (PCC) - 100
Low net: Barbara Offer (SCC) - 75
Low putts:  Donna Ihle (WGAS) - 29

Chip-ins: Dot Henson (WGAS) and Marge Snyder

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Women's Southern Golf Association Senior Championship

Are you “up” for a golf trip that’s about as close as you can get to the pro circuit?  This is it!

The Women’s Southern Golf Association (WSGA) is hosting its 29th Annual Senior Championship at Riverhill Country Club in Kerrville, Texas, right in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, October 6-8.
The WSGA consists of fifteen southern states, and the tournament moves from one area to the other from year-to-year to afford everyone an opportunity to participate.  No matter WHERE the tournament is held, it is very professionally done.  You are even ANNOUNCED at the first tee on the first day.  And there are “spotters” on the course to help find the balls and keep it moving.

To play in this stroke-play championship, you must be fifty years old and have a handicap index of 23.5 or less.  It is flighted and also includes a “Super Senior Champion” if you are seventy or over.

The course is awesome….a Byron Nelson design.  Go online and look at pictures and the scorecard.  Kerrville is west of Austin in a beautiful area of the state and in October, it should be bursting with color.  The trip is less than 7 hours from the heart of Shreveport.

The $250 entry fee includes the three days of golf for the competition and a practice round (excluding cart), dinner party the night before competition, and awards luncheon.  Click here for the entire brochure and entry information.  Be sure to check out the video presentation of the course on that site.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Annual SWGA Championship

The ladies of Shreveport Country Club are proud to invite you to participate in the annual SWGA Championship on September 3 and 4, with practice round and playday on August 27.  The practice round is a 9:00am shotgun and is the usual $25, including cart and range balls.  On Wednesday, Sept. 3, we will have tee times starting at 8:30am so that everyone has the same routine in competition for the medalist and net medalist awards as well as the closest to the pin and most accurate drives. 

Day two of the championship will include a hot breakfast starting at 7:30am in the Grille, with a shotgun start at 9:00am.  The $80 entry fee includes all golf, carts, range balls, fruit and snacks, breakfast and lunch on Day 2.  Please make checks payable to SWGA and mail to Kathleen McCoy, 218 Meadow Creek Dr, Springhill, LA  71075 as soon as you can, but no later than August 27th.  You can bring your checks to the practice round on the 27th if you like.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LWGA State 4-Ball

On August 3rd, eighty-four ladies converged on Koasati Pines Golf Resort at Kinder, LA, to compete in the LWGA State 4-Ball Championship.  The forty-two teams were divided into four flights and golfed for two days (August 4-5) in blazing hot weather.  The course was as beautiful as ever, with just enough challenges to make it tough-fun.
When the scores were tallied, the overall 4-Ball Champions were Lana Hodge and Haley Harrington with gross scores of 66 on Day 1 and 69 on Day 2.  Congratulations ladies!

The Shreveport area had six teams in the competition: Magee/Darnell, Cella/Patton, Middleton/Rolland, Gaiennie/Ryan, Pettitt/McCoy, and Cobb/Lawhorne.  Let me say that EVERYONE was a winner in the over-the-top humidity with little or no breeze!  But we did have two winning teams.

Joyce Middleton and Debbie Rolland (both ERCC) won 2nd Gross in the Third Flight with scores of 84 and 88.  In the same flight, Shirley Pettitt and Kathleen McCoy (both of SCC) won 1st Low Net with net scores of 71 and 66.  In addition, McCoy won closest to the pin on hole #3 at 21’ 8” from the hole, beating out Donna Cobb by less than two feet….and she made the birdie putt!!!!  Hoorah!

For an easily readable leaderboard, click here, for scores on the LWGA website.

It was announced at the awards luncheon that next year’s 4-Ball will once again be played at Koasati Pines on July 27 and 28, 2015.  For all the ladies state events for next year, Click Here to go to the LWGA website.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Callaway Gift Cards

A couple years ago we had a tournament where the prizes were Callaway Gift Cards.  If you tried to use the card, you found that you couldn't purchase apparel on that site.  I've just learned that Callaway got so many complaints, they changed the site to include apparel.....still no shoes, but clothing for men and women.

I went to the site and actually used my card to make a purchase.....just to be sure it really worked......and it did.  You have to use your Callaway gift card number to get into the site, click on the "Apparel" tab at the top, and then click on the "Visit Apparel Site" tab at bottom right.  Then when you check out, you will have to input your gift card number again.  But it works. 

Just go to the website shown on the back of your card to access the site.  If it doesn't ask for your card number, you aren't at the right site.

Incidently, there are a number of clothing items in the Sale area of the site that are pretty nice bargains.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Barbara Fay White Cup Team Matches

The sixth annual Barbara Fay White Cup was again a huge success, as fifty-one ladies participated this year at Eastridge Country Club, pitting the East Team (Palmetto, Stonebridge, and Fox Run) against the West Team (Eastridge, Southern Trace, Northwood Hills, and Shreveport CC).

After two days of 2-lady scramble format, the West Team was the victor, winning 12.5 points versus 8.5 points for the East Team.  Most of the matches were extremely close, with only one stroke deciding the winners in ten out of 21 matches. 

The low score of the tournament was a 69, shot by Lillian Granger (STCC) and Joyce Middleton (ERCC) on day 2.  Second best scores were two 71’s shot by Debbie Magee (WGAS) and Jeanie Ward (PCC) on day 1 and Vicki Cella (SCC) and Suzanne Patton (SCC) on day 2, both of those 71’s winning their matches.

The course was, as usual, in perfect shape, and the weather was unusually cool for a July event.  The awards luncheon was great, followed by an ice cream sundae bar what was an award winner by itself.

There will be a Team Matches meeting in the next couple weeks to discuss any problems/ideas/helpful hints/suggestions for next year’s Team Matches.  Be sure to let your Club Rep know your ideas and/or concerns.

Since I did not play the first day, I took a gazillion pictures.  I’m sure you will find at least one picture of yourself in this group of pictures.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Have Muscle Cramps????

I ended last summer with awful bouts of leg cramps that were truly debilitating and excruciatingly painful.  I did some research and found that pickle juice would relieve the pain when you start having those cramps.  I visited local hamburger joints and had them save their pickle juice for me.  I secured pickle juice from the bars and grills at golf courses.  But I wasn't happy with GETTING the cramps and then having to get rid of them.

So that lead to more research about how to PREVENT the cramps.  I found a blog online written by a lady who had gone through similar cramp problems.  Her research lead her to this drink that I am going to share with you.  I've already shared it with those of you that have golfed with me in the last couple months.  Another of our golfers has been using this drink too, and her story was similar to mine: relief from GETTING cramps!
I made up one or two quarts of this drink each time.  One quart will last me one round of golf.  I drink it instead of water until I run out of it.  It tastes good and is the most thirst-quenching drink I've ever had.  Many of you have tasted it and only one person didn't like it, and she is taking chemo pills, so that could be the reason.

1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 2 large lemons)
1/3 cup pure raw honey
1/2 teaspoon unrefined sea salt

I do this so often that I bought a simple juicer to extract the lemon juice.  I think I paid $13 for it on Amazon, so it's not fancy.

Use a one-cup glass measuring cup.  Add the lemon juice and honey and salt to the cup and add a little water to it.  Place in microwave for 40 seconds.  You don't want to get it HOT....just warm enough to mix easily.  Use a small whisk to mix thoroughly.  Pour the mixture into a quart jar/container and finish filling with water.  Refrigerate.

The lemon pulp will settle to the bottom so you will have to shake it before using each time.  I fill my "big bubba" with ice and fill it with the drink.  Drink a little of it at each hole.

I no longer have cramps.  Only once since I started this regimen did I have a problem.  For some reason, I failed to take my drink to the course one day.  That evening, I had cramps.  That is the ONLY time since I started drinking it.  This may not work for everyone, but it works for me and at least one other person I know.

Friday, July 11, 2014

SWGA Playday at Fox Run

Thirty-three ladies enjoyed the day at Fox Run during our fourth SWGA playday of the year on July 10.  Yes, it was hot, but it wasn't as humid as usual, making it more bearable, and we all finished the round in four hours!!!  Fox Run is undergoing some improvements which includes some re-sodding of greens, but all-in-all, the course was in good shape.  They even have new flags and flagpoles!!!

The low score of the day was a super nice 79 by Debbie Magee.  Great golfing, Debbie!

Low Gross:  Debbie Magee (WGAS) 79
Low Net: Joyce Middleton (ERCC) 65
2nd Gross: Vicki Cella (SCC) 82
2nd Net: (tie) Moise Allen (STCC)/Mary Gallagher (FRLGA) 69
Low Putts: Debbie Magee 29

Low Gross: Hui Bordelon (FRLGA) 88
Low Net: Marge Snyder (NHGC) 68
2nd Gross: (tie) Gayle Gansfuss (ERCC)/Kyong Lee (SCC) 90
2nd Net: Joan Day (FRLGA) 70
Low Putts: Marge Snyder 29

Low Gross: Kathleen McCoy (SCC) 93
Low Net: (tie) Jeanette Bohringer (SCC)/Julie Butterfield (FRLGA) 69
2nd Gross: Stella Rice (ERCC) 98
2nd Net: Bobbie Jo Almond (PCC) 72
Low Putts: Kathleen McCoy 31

The next SWGA event is the annual Barbara Fay White Cup Team Matches scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, July 21 and 22.  Please sign up to play as soon as possible.  This is a 2-lady scramble event and is a lot of fun.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nikki Patterson Invitational

The 6th annual Nikki Patterson Invitational once again honored its namesake on June 25th as StoneBridge Country Club hosted 120 ladies from far and near.  Thirty 4-lady teams competed in the scramble format with dark clouds looming overhead and a few rumbles of thunder declaring Nikki’s presence.  As the last teams were finishing, the rain came, but spirits weren’t dampened. 

The first order of business was the drawings for raffle prizes that were donated by a number of local businesses and included golf clubs, golf bags, a 32” flat screen television, a couple $100 gift certificates….just to name a few.  The raffle brought in $2745 that went directly to the LSU Cancer Research Center.  Hoorah!!

The low round of the day was a really nice 61…..eleven under par!  The winners were Pam Gentry, Marianne Leslie (WGAS), Mary Jo Gray (WGAS), and Kay Renner.  Way to go girls!  These gals won a scorecard playoff with another team that shot 61:  Darnell/Cason/Trichell/Moses. 
1st Place: Gentry/Leslie/Gray/Renner
2nd Place: Darnell/Cason/Trichell/Moses
3rd Place: Davis/Johnson/Ward/Renner
4th Place: Kinkennon/Young/Sowders/Spatero

1st Place: Pettitt/McCoy/Patton/Cella
2nd Place: Payne/Salisbury/Martinak/Hemphill
3rd Place: Stein/Falgoust/Elliot/Guimbelloti
4th Place: Henson/Kirschenbaum/Barron/Knapp
1st Place: Farr/Snyder/Litton/Moore
2nd Place: Berry/Davis/Medick/Collins
3rd Place: Yates/Johns/Taylor/Stephens
4th Place: Smith/Gregg/Strother/Ault

Closest to the Pin Winners:
#3: Cheryl Smith
#8: Jenny Moses
#13” Jeanie Ward

Rally for the Cure at Fox Run

Lots of folks turned out on June 20th at Fox Run Golf Club to support the Rally for the Cure efforts.  Since there were no prizes for play, the 4-person teams could play whatever format they pleased.  It was a nice day of golf for a wonderful cause.  The $20 entry fee went directly to the NW Louisiana Susan Komen Foundation....for a total of $1722 for "The Cure".

In addition to the fun and affordable golf, there were dozens of door prizes that Chairman Mary Moore was able to secure for the participants.  The sponsors contributed generously, and Papa John's Pizza fed everyone when they finished golfing.  It was a great day for a great cause!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bayou D'Siard 2-Lady Scramble

Bayou D'Siard Country Club in Monroe, LA, was the site of the 2-lady scramble on June 18th this year.  Forty-four teams participated in the event and nine of those teams were our own Shreveport area ladies.  The course was in great shape, as usual, with really challenging greens.

And speaking of greens, our own Joanne McDonald measured her distance from the pin for the CTP contest and she was a whopping 56' 7" from the hole.  Nope, she didn't win the Closest to the Pin award.....but she MADE THE PUTT!  Congratulations, Joanne.

Four of the Shreveport area teams won awards in their flights:

Low Net:  Lillian Granger (STCC)/Lisa Russell

1st Gross:  Vicki Cella/Suzanne Patton (both SCC)
Low Net: Donna Cobb/Martha Cobb (both SCC)
2nd Gross: Moise Allen/Kathryn Salpietra (both STCC)
Closest to the Pin:  Donna Cobb

Congratulations to all the players and especially to the winners!

Friday, June 13, 2014

SSWGA Playday at Palmetto CC

On a hot, but otherwise beautiful day, twenty-six ladies met at Palmetto Country Club to compete in the SSWGA playday.  The course was beautiful, as usual, with a lot of conversations including the words "heavy rough".  But we made it through the day, and the socializing was not at all "rough".
Low Gross: Vicki Cella (SCC) - 90
Low Net: Mary Coker (SCC) - 75
Low Putts: Robbie Fisher (SCC) - 29
Chip/Putt-ins: Robbie Fisher (2), Vicki Cella

Low Gross: Jeanie Ward (PCC) - 94
Low Net: Jeanette Bohringer (SCC) - 76
Low Putts: Margo Myatt (STCC) - 30
Chip/Putt-in: Theresa Kruse (PCC)

Low Gross: Grace Ireland (PCC) - 103
Low Net: Pat Rice (SCC) - 76
Low Putts: Alyce Wyche (PCC) - 33
Chip/Putt-in: Grace Ireland, Marie McFarland (SCC)

"Diamonds in the Rough" Tournament

Hollytree Country Club in nearby Tyler, TX, hosted a 4-lady tournament on June 11, with practice round on June 12.  The format at the beautiful course was best ball, using the two low gross scores and two low net scores on each hole. 
The Shreveport ladies took three teams to the contest and enjoyed a real treat at this outing.  I can say it's one of the best, if not the BEST, bargain tournaments I've ever played.  For $85, you got your practice round, the tournament day golf, continental breakfast, very nice awards luncheon, a really neat tee gift, and generous a super nice golf course!  That's a bargain! 

When the scores were tallied, one Shreveport team took home a prize for second low net in the first flight:  Kathleen McCoy, Nancy Young, Vicki Cella, and Cathy Buckley (all BWGA @ SCC).
It was a great tournament, even if you didn't WIN anything.  Watch for the flyer next year and jump on the band wagon for this tournament.  You will be glad you did.

2018 SWGA playdays

  • If you miss ONE required event, it can be replaced by ONE day of play in Team Matches
  • March 6: Scramble at Eastridge CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 50 PLAYERS
  • April 10: Playday at Stonebridge, 9:00am COMPLETED 43 players
  • May 22: Playday at Northwood, 9:00am COMPLTED 29 PLAYERS
  • June 7: Playday at Huntington Park, 9:00am COMPLETED 28 players
  • July 24: Playday at Southern Trace CC, 9:00am
  • *August 7: Scramble at Southern Trace. This is a chance to make-up one missed event to count towards 100% participation since there willl be no Team Matches this year
  • August 16: Playday at Fox Run GC (also practice round for Championship), 9:00am
  • August 23-24: SWGA Championship, Fox Run GC, 9:00am
  • *November 8: SWGA Turkey Scramble, Querbes Park, 9:30am
  • *December 4: SWGA/SSWGA Jingle Bell Scramble, Northwood, 10:00am, Bring a Toy

2018 SSWGA Events

  • Dates marked with (*) do not count toward 100% participation
  • *March 13: Stonebridge scramble, 9:00am COMPLETED 28 Players
  • April 26: BWGA playday at Huntington, 9:00am COMPLETED 18 players
  • May 1: East Ridge CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 30 players
  • June 19: Southern Trace CC, 9:00am COMPLETED 26 players
  • July 10: Northwood Hills GC, 9:00am COMPLETED 25 players
  • July 17-18: Championship, Stonebridge CC
  • September 6: Fox Run GC, 9:00am
  • *November 15: Turkey Scramble, Crooked Hollow GC, 9:30am, $37 includes lunch. This is also annual meeting unless this is changed.
  • *December 4: Jingle Belle Scramble, Northwood Hills GC, 10:00am, bring unwrapped toy

Other 2018 LOCAL Events

  • October 16-17: Southern Belle, 2-Lady Tourney, Southern Trace CC, Shreveport, LA
  • October 24-25: Roadrunner 2-Lady Tournament, Eastridge CC, Shreveport, LA

2018 State/Southern Events

  • TBA: Womens State Seniors and Mid Am Championship, City Park of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

Other 2018 NON-LOCAL Golfing Events

  • August 8: Diamonds in the Rough, 4-lady tournament, Hollytree CC, Tyler, TX
  • September 11-13: Twice as Nice Ladies Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR
  • September 26-27: Squire Creek 2-Lady Tournament, Squire Creek CC, Choudrant, LA
  • October 6-7: Texarkana Couples Tourney, Texarkana CC, Texarkana, AR